About Word Family Readers

The Word Family Readers Program is a great way to help ANYONE learn to read including: beginning readers, struggling readers, those with learning disabilities and those learning English as a second language (ESL).

Word Families + Word Picture Cards + Reading Books Together = Reading Success

Word Families - Word Families are used to help the students learn many words quickly throughout the 68 books in this program. For example, “at” is the Word Family in Book 1. Students easily learn words in that Word Family such as “bat, cat, hat, mat.”

Word Picture Cards - There are 570 Word Picture Cards, one for each Family Word and Sight Word. They are used to help the students learn new words for each book. On the Word Picture Cards, students view the word and picture together. Then when they see the word only, they recall the picture, which makes it easy to recall the word.

Tap or click here to see an Overview of Family Words and Sight Words for all books.

Reading Books Together - When reading books, the students read the Family Words, Sight Words, and Review Words which are in large print. The teacher reads the rest of the words, which are in small print. (Students often pick up on and read many of the words in small print.) The students’ reading vocabulary increases with each book as they advance through the program.

Read Books 1-68 in order; they are sequential. As students progress through each book, they will be expected to read words that were taught in previous books.

When students have completed all 68 books in this program, they will have covered the Sight Words that take them slightly into the third grade level.

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